CFM's ministry to impoverished kids

Pro.Vision Kids is Christian Frontier Ministry’s dynamic, holistic, super-creative ministry outreach for kids living in extreme poverty, ages 6-18 yrs. old. The focus of our program can be spelled out simply with the word L.I.F.E. – Loving people. Inspiring hearts. Feeding bodies. Educating minds.

Here is the problem children in developing nations face: Indigent families are buried under a mountain of oppression with no way out. Pro.Vision Kids provides opportunities for the poor to choose LIFE! Another motto of ours is: “We find treasures in trash”.

Truth: Growing up in impoverished, slum areas in developing countries is hard. It’s especially difficult for children. Drugs, sex, crime, hunger, and hopelessness abound.

Our aim is to provide a wonderful environment each week in which kids are SURROUNDED with biblically based input and encouragement.

With delicious home-cooked meals, free medical care, rice for the week, assistance for schooling, practical life-lessons, challenging small group discussions and discipleship, inspiring music, fun games, youth camps, and MORE, our desire is to give HOPE!

In Cebu, we work in two landfill communities, and in the Pier Four and Carreta Cemetery communities. Also, CFM Pro.Vision Kids outreaches from local churches in Inayawan, Cebu and Zamboanga City are practically touching hundreds of young lives on a weekly basis. We also meet with the parents monthly and are building relationships within the community.

We are currently developing our “After Care Program” for those unable to finish high school and those unable to pursue a college education. Our Job Readiness Training classes are being designed in conjunction with outsourcing to other foundations in the city who specifically train the poor for a variety of respectable, well-paying jobs.

CFM offers a variety of opportunities to financially support the various Pro.Vision Kids ministries. At this time, we offer no individual sponsorship. Our strategic partner in Australia, ONE Foundation, offers individual sponsorships for Pro.Vision Kids for Australian individuals, groups, or businesses only.

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