Friederich and Nancy Lueckhof

Serving as the founders & missionaries of CFM, the Lueckhofs are based out of their home church, GOSPEL FORUM, in Stuttgart, Germany, where they are called, “international co-workers” and part of the large pastoral team.

,Friederich was born in a small rural town outside of Frankfurt. Nancy, from the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. They met in St. Louis, Missouri and married in 1986. Friederich is a graduate of IBTI, the International Bible Training Institute in Burgess Hill, England.
As a young 23 yr. old, Friederich began working in the Philippines — travelling and teaching the Bible from island to island, holding outdoor evangelistic gatherings, trekking to remote areas to speak to tribal Filipinos, and helping to establish churches and Bible schools. He is passionate about seeing local churches healthy and flourishing — and raising up the next generation of dynamic leaders.

Friederich brings almost 40 years of rich pastoral and Bible teaching experience to CFM, from which church leaders and young people alike can glean.

He’s completed three full marathons but now prefers long hikes, swimming (or scuba diving) in the ocean blue!

Nancy’s love for the Lord, her pioneering spirit & creative gifting compliment Friederich as a wife, mother, and partner in the ministry. A motivator and encourager, Nancy is excited to help others find the plan and purpose of God for their lives. She’s passionate about building the local church, and about delivering a gospel message to this next generation that’s alive & filled with power. She also loves to experiment in the kitchen, run, and grow healthy edibles in her tropical garden. Nancy’s self-published book, SULUAN, is a dramatic historical novel based on a true story that occurred in 1937 in the Philippines. SULUAN is available on Amazon Kindle as an eBook or as paperback at She’s also currently working on two creative endeavors which she hopes will provide jobs for the poor and bless the city of Cebu.

Friederich and Nancy are the proud parents of their very tall “MK/TCK” son, Benjamin, an avid photographer, bassist, adventurer, and one who loves everything extreme & out-of-doors! Ben currently lives in Ohio and is in his third year of college. He’s actively engaged in loving and serving his local church with his gifts & many talents.

Pastor Rey Aydaon

Rey Aydaon serves on the CFM-Philippine board as well as pastoring a thriving church in the heart of the Inayawan landfill community of Cebu City. Together with his family and church members, CFM’s first Pro.Vision Kids ministry was begun in Inayawan. With a tender, humble heart, Rey sings like a pro, has a charming personality, and is a much-requested speaker around the city.


Daisy and Carlo Benitez

Carlo Benitez serves on the CFM-Philippine board and currently pioneers a young church in Zamboanga City with his wife and co-pastor, Daisy. Their family is involved with leading Pro.Vision Kids ministry outreaches in several slum communities. Carlo and Daisy are the “dynamic duo”; these faithful blessings mentor and lead with love, humor, and great grace!


Pro.Vision Team – Cebu City

The Lueckhofs lead and mentor an incredibly hard working Filipino team in Cebu who labour year-round with hundreds of children in destitute squatter communities. In addition, two free medical clinics and two kindergartens serve these areas. A licensed nurse and doctor, licensed teachers, a principal, musicians, pastors and Bible teachers, social worker, cook, drivers, maintenance, all laboring under the guidance of a project director in the heart of Cebu’s enormous landfill and scavenger neighborhood. Each year, the team is blessed to host and involve German volunteers in the work. These guys are one-in-a-million; true champions!

Naomi’s Heart Mission Team – General Santos City

The Lueckhofs also help to lead & mentor a beautiful missions ministry in the southern most city of General Santos, Philippines. NHM sponsors almost 500 children. It offers high quality Christian education at their Academy with over 300 students (pre-school to 6th grade); provides a free medical clinic on base, assists local pioneering pastors, and is active in several meaningful social outreaches to surrounding poor communities. (jail ministry, feeding the malnourished, values education in high schools, prayer for the sick, discipleship for new Christians) The beautifully committed Filipino and American staff are effecting countless people in their harbor city, noted as the tuna capitol of the Philippines. Great potential to rock the city lies within this team!

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