Over 7,100 islands in the Philippines

The heart of CFM beats for the unreached. The ones who nobody cares for in very remote places. It is dangerous and expensive to get there but totally worth it. The people there are desperate for good news. Whether to a small, distant island or to tribal Filipinos in isolated mountainous regions, our experience has proven that each individual and, in the end, entire communities are enriched when they receive the message of the love of God through Jesus Christ.

When lives are touched and transformed, families are strengthened and healed. When families are built up, a society can be revolutionized for the better!

We believe that transformation starts from the inside, in the heart, and has lasting effects that impact relationships and practical, daily life. It’s not about ritual or religious ceremony — it’s about walking and talking with God and fulfilling HIS purpose and plan. When local churches are pioneered and a body of believers begin to grow, good things begin to happen in a nation!

Transform Lives With Us!

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