“He lifts the poor from the dust and the needy from the garbage dump. He sets them among princes, placing them in seats of honor.” 1 Samuel 2:8 (Living Translation)

For decades, the work of Friederich and Nancy Lueckhof with CFM has dealt primarily with the underprivileged. Whether working with pioneering churches or tribal ministries in far-away villages, or emergency disaster relief efforts on remote islands, or helping in slum communities in the big city of Cebu, the focus has been to lift up the poor and set them on their own two feet. Much of CFM’s current ministry is located within squatter, landfill communities – thus the verse from 1 Samuel 2:8 holds great meaning. However, to refrain from “toxic charity” or “hurting while helping”, the aim of Christian Frontier Ministries is explained below in simple statements.

What is our mission?
To give L.I.F.E. – Loving people. Inspiring hearts. Feeding bodies. Educating minds.

What is the problem?
Poor families & communities buried under a mountain of oppression, often with no hope and no way out.

What is our intended impact?
To Create Opportunities to Choose LIFE.

How we define success?
Relationally Healthy ~ Living Well (Body, Mind, Soul) ~ Completion of Schooling ~ Gainfully Employed

We do our best to help the poor out of compassion always in cooperation with local churches – and with an eye on sustainable growth and development to improve the community. Good intentions are not enough. We want our time, efforts, and resources to bring sustainable changes. We agree with the principle of “helping without hurting”, in bestowing dignity rather than hand-outs which often foster dependency and a beggar mentality.

As funds allow, CFM organizes feedings occasionally to homeless on the streets. We offer free kindergartens to squatter families, free medical care centers, emergency disaster relief, and provides the needy with clothes, shoes, and hygiene articles as we can.

A great part of our vision is that through various social projects, we work with those willing to eventually help themselves.

Currently we are developing an After Care Program to help high school graduates (and drop outs), and adults, find potential good paying jobs by offering short Job Readiness Training classes.

Some of our strategic partners include: ONE Foundation Australia, Global Development Group Australia, APCM Germany (coordinating CFM volunteers), TELSTRA Foundation Philippines, Project Based Mission (PBM) in Cebu, Cebu International School, and Cebu Lions Club.

We welcome doctors, dentists, nurses, agriculturalists, builders, businessmen and other professionals who have the resources, the know-how, and the desire to practically offer aid and assistance to the poorest of the poor. Many Filipinos live below the poverty level and survive on an average yearly income of approximately €1,200 ($1,600).

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