Pro.Vision Christian Learning Center – Hope in the midst of utter chaos.

One of the goals of education in poor communities is to break the cycle of poverty through faith-based education and a positive, healthy influence in the local scene.  Two kindergartens, located within impoverished, landfill communities, aim to change society from the inside, out ~ one child, and one family at a time.

DepEd approved, licensed, Christian Filipino teachers invest in the lives of extremely needy kids, Monday – Friday. The children we serve come from families of scavengers and very poor squatters. In the midst of two unhealthy dumpsites, our clean, organized, and beautiful kindergartens shine like an oasis in the midst of unbelievable chaos and decay. Daily, we serve healthy snacks along with vitamins (when we have them), and clean water. Our darling 5-year olds are surrounded with love from the staff as we involve as many moms in the daily routine as possible.

The schools run thru gifts & charitable donations which allow us to pay teacher salaries, utilities, food, uniforms, shoes, rain gear, books & school supplies, field trips, holiday treats, and necessary hygiene articles. Always a great investment to sow into the lives of young learners!!

Join our team to sponsor and support ANY of the above areas is welcomed!


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